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Wedding favor-Starfish

Wedding favors wholesale.
Wedding favor-Starfish Wedding favor-Starfish

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Wedding favor - Starfish.
Dimensions :
22cm. x 12cm.
Colour : Lilac.
Available colours : White,Ivory,Lilac,Pink,Fouchsia,Olive green,
brown-bronze,orange,& gold. 
Packing :1 unit.
In stock.
Price per unit.
Price does not include V.A.T.
Regular market retail price from €2,50/pcs.
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We ship worldwide.
Delivery time : 15 days from the date of order.
For orders please call +30 (210)431-1519  or e-mail us.
Wedding favor includes:
Satin taffeta cut pouch with 7 sugar-coated almonds wrapped in tulle.
From inside the pouch spider tulle comes in gold.
External metal gold starfish is tied with 2 double face satin ribbons.

***Do it yourself***
Order the materials  now : Pouch , Spider tulle , satin ribbon lilac ,satin ribbon gold ,Metal starfish, sugared almonds.

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Manufacturer Neraidorama
Quantity in stock 2000
Weight 0.04 kgr
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Date Thursday, 24 March 2011

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